Our company specializes in the repair and restoration of turbochargers for diesel and gasoline of cars and trucks. Our company employs qualified specialists with many years of experience who will diagnose and repair your turbocharger, as well as give detailed advice on all of the details. 

We do our job with high quality and provide a guarantee from 6 months to 2 years. We do our work promptly and will repair your turbocharger within one business day. We carry out all work at our workshop. We have all the necessary spare parts in the warehouse, which we order directly from the factories.

Turbocharger breakdown is the result of other vehicle malfunctions! We work honestly and take on the repair of only those turbochargers that really need it.

You can sign up for diagnostics and repair by calling (+371) 27 457 457. How to find us…


1. excessive engine oil consumption;
2. oil leaks from the turbine or connecting pipes;
3. increased fuel consumption;
4. drop in engine power; 
5. deterioration of acceleration dynamics;
6. extraneous noise, grinding or whistling when the engine is running;
7. increased exhaust smoke.


The operation of the turbocharger is directly related to the operation of the engine and other units. Pay particular attention when diagnosing a turbocharger and determine the cause of the malfunction. The cause of the malfunction must be eliminated if You do not want to carry out a repeated repair of the turbocharger.

1. Insufficient engine oil level
- one of the most important elements of the turbocharger operation is the oil system, without which the turbocharger cannot be effectively cooled, which leads to increased wear out of the components;
2. Malfunction of exhaust system
- increased resistance in the exhaust system leads to an increase in temperature in the turbocharger, which causes overheating of the components. The most common cause of a malfunction is an inefficient particulate filter or a blocked catalyst / DPF filter;
3. Ingress of a foreign object
- the most common cause is a defective intake filter or engine defect. In this case, the breakdown is fatal, which can also lead to problems with the operation / replacement of the engine;
4. Untimely replacement of engine oil
- timely replacement of engine oil is an important factor in the durability of the turbine. Untimely oil change leads to leakage and contamination of oil channels;
5. Faulty actuator (vacuum regulator)
- the actuator controls the efficiency of the turbocharger. Its operation affects the durability of the turbocharger.


1. Diagnostics
- the turbocharger received from the client is inspected and checked for compliance with the type / model, applicability, general condition. After that turbocharger gets completely disassembled. Components that are damaged, severely worn out, broken or cracked, with a high level of corrosion are discarded and not used in further repair / restoration of the turbocharger. Each component undergoes deep abrasive cleaning, after which it undergoes a cycle of final cleaning and cleaning of abrasive residues in an automatic washing and drying system. Upon completion of cleaning, the components are inspected and treated with a corrosion protection agent.
2. Diagnostic of components
- after cleaning, the turbocharger components are repeatedly checked and measured for further use. This check includes: visual inspection of surfaces, identification of cracks that were hidden before cleaning, measurements of components, calibration and comparison with a template, diagnostics of the actuator (vacuum regulator).
3. Selection of components for replacement
- when repairing a turbocharger, the following must be changed: sleeve bearings, thrust bearing, turbocharger ring, compressor ring, compressor ring nut and seals. Components such as the turbocharger rotor, impeller, bearing assembly, geometry, actuator are replaced if needed or during a complete restoration.
4. Assembling the turbocharger cartridge and balancing
- the balanced rotor and impeller are assembled in a bearing assembly in the form of a turbocharger cartridge and passed further to high-speed balancing.
5. Final assembly and balancing
- the balanced cartridge is mounted in a "snail" (special cell). After complete assembly and installation of the actuator, the turbocharger enters the final diagnostics and calibration of the actuator.
6. Package delivery
- when ready, the turbocharger is packed in polyethylene along with the necessary gaskets for installation and packed in a cardboard box. After that, the turbocharger is sent to the customer in the most convenient and fastest way by courier mail or issued on site.
7. Warranty
- for repair and restoration work of the turbocharger, as well as replaced components, we provide a 1 year warranty without mileage limitation, subject to the maintenance rules specified in the warranty card. Information about damage and possible causes, warranty obligations and general recommendations for use are also indicated in the warranty card.